A Bridge Between


With RPM Chicagoland over, and a little time between that event and Trainfest, I decided not to launch straight into more freight cars or something “complicated”, built from plans or otherwise.  Still, wanting to build things, I pulled a Monroe Models laser cut bridge kit out of my stash to have some fun.


The kit is really not complicated.  The cutting is nice, and the small size is manageable in a couple of sittings.  I got stared by cleaning up the cut-marks and following the simple instructions for assembly.  While doing the easy work there, I decided to enhance the model, and quickly orders some Grandt Line nut/bolt/washer castings in order to add detail to the structure.  I also decided to hand-lay track on it, so I’ll be using some scale tie-plates and code 70 rail I have in my stash to finish off the structure.  I managed to assemble all the support structure, but set things aside to wait for the castings.  Once I add those, I’ll weather the bridge, do the final assembly, and lay the track.  I figure it’ll probably take a few more enjoyable hours to finish off.


While the bridge parts were drying, I pulled out a small brick structure that I was given by someone.  The kit is an older plaster model, and came with a cardboard roof piece.  Once I had cleaned up and glued the walls together, I replaced the cardboard roof with a piece of wood to increase the strength of the finished building.  I then also replaced the original chimney casting that came with the kit with a new one that I got years ago in a grab-bag of parts.  After drying, the little building is now ready for paint and details.  I don’t have a use on the YV for this, but it was fun to build, and I’m sure I’ll find it a good home.

Even though neither of these structures will wind up on my YV, I’ve learned things, practiced skills, and had fun.  Between events, with time to unwind, sometimes those kinds of projects, stuff you just want to build, for no particular reason, is a nice way to let off steam.

After Trainfest, it’ll be time to focus on a new project.  Painting is over for the year, here, as the cold weather comes in, so it’s time to get as much built as I can while we hide inside and wait for Spring.

Time to get back to the workbench!



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