Workshop: Updated and New Tools

Over the last few months I’ve made some changes/upgrades to the workshop, and found a few new (to me) items that I thought I’d share with you.


The new storage bins I found to use in lieu of finding more Hilco bins.  These hold more cars, and are readily available.

I’ve spent a lot of time looking for more storage boxes, like the the laboratory trays that I use in the workshop.  I know a few of you who read here have also been looking for the Hilco laboratory trays and they’ve become harder and harder to find.  While I was at Trainfest, I found a new type of tray that I hadn’t seen before, and ordered a sample set.  When the pair arrived, I tested samples, and I am excited to report that there is a suitable substitute for the Hilco trays.  These are “White plastic storage tray(s) (2×14.5×8.5) trays, and I ordered them from a new supplier that I am frequenting for tools and other things, B&B Hobby Supplies,  The trays were reasonably priced.  They will hold cars more comfortably than the Hilco tays, and hold the baggies of parts that I use to keep small things together.  They are my new recommendation for trays if the Hilco ones are not available.  I plan to add a handful more to the workshop, and may add some other storage uses for these, or similar, trays.


The new hand saw with fine blades.  (Photo from Micro-Mark)

I had set out in December to build a sanding block, but was directed by a friend to a much easier and cleaner way of removing the ends from cars where a replacement end is to be added (like the car I got at RPM Chicagoland in October 2017.  The new tool is a small hand saw with ultra fine saw blades..  I got mine from Micro-Mark and plan to start using it to replace car ends shortly.  I have several cars, the C&EI car from RPM and a couple of Accurail 36’ cars, that need new ends added, and this saw will be the perfect way to do that.


On the left are my new tweezers.  On the right are my stainless steel jewelry tweezers.  You can see how fine the point on the new set are, allowing even finer details to be picked up with ease.

Also from B&B Hobby Supplies, I recently got a new set of tweezers to use in modeling.  The new tweezers have a black rubber/plastic coating to make them easy to hold onto, and the points are extremely sharp.  They’re a #4 Micro tip blackened tweezer.  I don’t plan to abandon my jewelers tweezers, but this new pair lets me grab even smaller items that I sometimes struggle with when using even the ones I’ve been working with for the past few years.


The new tool holder.  This was acquired to make storage of the pliers and cutters easier.  There is a drawer under the unit that allows storage of even more tools or blades.

The last piece of new equipment for the workshop is a new tool caddy that makes storing the growing collection of cutters and pliers that my wife and I share easier.  This tool caddy, that I saw at Trainfest and ordered from B&B Hobby Supplies (a similar one is also available from Micro-Mark) holds the pliers in the compartments on the top, and stores some of the modeling picks and other things we share use of in the drawer below.  The setup is much easier than the caddy we had been using.

Time to get back to the workbench!



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